2x4.life aims to raise and deploy funds for the benefit of strengthening and supporting families of need in our community.  We believe that a strong family provides a stronger foundation for life – and so our goal is to assist struggling and deserving families in need – anywhere from education to housing and everything in between.

Our Story

The origins of 2x4.life can be traced back to a single verse that stuck with our bible study group. Philippians Chapter 2, verse 4 says, "Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." Our group had decided that when it came to our beliefs, we had spent enough time talking and not enough doing. 

Each member has a family that varies in ages and stages and we think it's important to build around that key common aspect of our group.  Our "delightfully irreverent" bible study group can be found Tuesday nights at 7:00 at Moondog Growlers in Dunwoody. There our group gathers to talk family, sports, current events, etc. and we usually wind up on some matter of faith.

who we are

Our Board of Directors includes the following:

Tommy Burda - Chairman

Jim Francis - Vice Chair

Kevin Krehmeyer - Treasurer

Chris Turner - Secretary

Brian Cheatwood

Lon Fancher

John Foote

Jim Lawless